Melia Model - Factory Trend
Kitchen Melia Model - Factory Trend Black matt lacquer with island VP


This bespoke kitchen blends perfectly into this former factory renovated as a loft. It makes the most of the room’s generous volume with its large tall units, providing lots of storage space. Its central island is perfect for receiving guests, and provides an aesthetic transition with the living room, backed by storage units with sliding doors.

Kiffa fronts, black matt and cement grey structured, stainless steel profiles.
Cement grey structured and black structured worktops.
Made-to-measure units, black matt and cement grey structured.

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We love this blue kitchen with island Visual 01

"We love this blue kitchen with island"

The customers live with their 2 children in a beautiful apartment. They wanted to completely redesign their kitchen. They also wanted to make their bathroom more cosy and set up a dressing room in the adjoining room.

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An industrial kitchen with the Melia Model - Factory Trend

Loft spirit and industrial style


Just like a New York apartment
This retro trend is directly inspired by the old factories and workshops located in the heart of the Big Apple. These large premises are instantly recognisable, with their high ceilings and large windows or skylights. The walls are bare, with exposed pipes or metal reinforcements. As for furniture, the main focus is on functionality: storage spaces designed to facilitate sorting, with rather minimalist lines. The first thing to note is the practical aspect, which takes precedence over the aesthetic dimension. Materials remain rough: metal, concrete, brick and wood are staples. When it comes to colour, black reigns supreme in industrial decor. Garish colours are largely incompatible with this style, and are therefore avoided.


How to adopt the industrial look in the kitchen

The Melia Model - Factory Trend shows how industrial design and decor are perfect in an open kitchen with great dimensions. This former factory converted into a loft is naturally suited to a decorative approach of this kind, evoking its industrial past. The large windows and brick walls bear witness to this heritage. To fit into this atypical space, the Melia Model - Factory Trend kitchen adopts several ideas taken directly from industrial style. It opts for large items of furniture, in both the tall units and the central island. The colours used are in keeping with industrial style: black for character and grege for a natural feel. In terms of materials, wood has a prominent place in this kitchen. It can be found on the worktop as well as on the seats (high stools and chairs). For decoration, vintage-style objects, such as hanging bulbs and a black metal ladder allowing access to the upper areas, look like they have always been here. As a result, the whole design oozes authenticity and blends naturally into the rest of the room.


The central island is a must
In a space of this kind, the presence of a central island in the kitchen is a natural choice. Evoking large functional pieces such as sideboards or workbenches, the island is perfectly at home amid the industrial style. In this kitchen, it is presented in two visually different sections. The matt black side houses equipment, such as the gas hob with a retractable hood and the sink. The other section incorporates a thick natural oak laminate worktop serving as a bar table. The visible part towards the main room of the house offers several open-shelf units, perfect for housing a few decorative objects. On the kitchen side, however, organisation takes precedence. The central island houses a number of storage units, with lots of drawers and cupboards for a well-organised home interior. By combining several functions, the central island of this industrial kitchen serves multiple purposes: It provides comfortable conditions for those preparing meals and creates a welcoming space around the wooden worktop.


Storage areas in matching style

The numerous doors placed along the wall conceal storage areas and recessed appliances (fridge and ovens). This large fit-out, although imposing in size, remains perfectly suited to the space. Its glossy finish reflects the light, which is a real asset in this type of apartment. When it comes to loft equipment, it’s a great idea to choose XXL furniture to match the existing dimensions. This kitchen unit offers maximum storage capacity. As such, the kitchen can remain unencumbered, and offers a perfect marriage of efficiency and design.


Come and discover the Melia Model - Factory Trend industrial kitchen, as well as the other fitted kitchen models in our showrooms. Feel free to ask one of our Mobalpa designers to help you define your project and to answer all your questions on everything from price to delivery.