Melia Model - Modern Trend
Kitchen Melia Model - Modern Trend Basalt gloss lacquer U-shaped VP


This global home layout employs harmonious and complementary materials. The U-shaped open-plan kitchen features a set of custom units composed of open elements providing transition towards the entrance. Its handleless doors lend it a sleek, visually-appealing style.
Under the stairs, the closet has been entirely custom-made to follow the slope.
On the living-room side, the library blends into the walls and elegantly integrates an office area.

Melia DL fronts, basalt gloss varnished, black matt lacquered profiles.
Naturaplan black magma matt and oak of Burgundy structured worktops.
Made-to-measure under-stair units, black gloss varnished melamine.

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We love this blue kitchen with island Visual 01

"We love this blue kitchen with island"

The customers live with their 2 children in a beautiful apartment. They wanted to completely redesign their kitchen. They also wanted to make their bathroom more cosy and set up a dressing room in the adjoining room.

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A contemporary kitchen with the Melia Model - Modern Trend
Enjoy modern comfort in the kitchen, without losing that welcoming feel.


A kitchen with the very latest look
What is expected of a modern kitchen today? While style is a very important factor in meeting modern standards, the warmth of this space also remains essential, especially in homes where family life comes first and foremost. The Melia Model - Modern Trend meets these requirements in full. Its designer appearance is matched by its practicality in terms of equipment, and its openness to its surroundings means that every member of the family can enjoy what it has to offer.


The Melia Model - Modern Trend is a contemporary kitchen that meets every expectation of today’s family in terms of a great interior. Its U-shaped layout with a semi-island, as shown here, is ideal for the large living room of this house. The open kitchen boasts impressive storage capacity, its three sides being optimised to create a space that is both welcoming and practical. The grey units of the Melia Model - Modern Trend remain bright thanks to their glossy finish. In contrast, the natural stone worktop in magma black offers an intense matt finish that is highly contemporary and stylish. Finally, the warm appearance of this room is made possible thanks to the presence of wood (structured Burgundy oak decor) on the wall panel and on the worktop intended for preparing meals. To ensure that the environment is as comfortable as it is modern, this kitchen comes equipped with an induction hob, a multi-function oven and an integrated fridge-freezer.


The comfort of a modern kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen occupies the space perfectly, with room for a complete and modern range of equipment. Its wide worktop area and the variety of furniture (open shelf spaces, closed storage areas and tall units) ensure unrivalled comfort for organisation, storage and meal preparation. This fit-out also provides optimal separation of kitchen-related activities. The various areas (washing, cooking, preparation and storage) are clearly delineated, making circulation and task organisation so much easier. The made-to-measure units enable the use of complex spaces, such as areas with sloped ceilings, and can be adapted to offer suitable storage solutions. In the entrance, the Melia Model - Modern Trend kitchen offers multiple closed storage units, which can also help to keep this passageway clear of its usual clutter. As for the decor, the totally on-trend grey, black and wood colours are also much appreciated for their ease of maintenance. With this type of colour, stains in the kitchen go almost unnoticed. The natural stone worktop, too, is highly resistant to stains and heat.


A welcoming space

The modern era can often be stressful. In the outside world, the responsibilities of everyday life leave little room for relaxation. So when you come home, it’s all about spending time with those who really matter, and enjoying simple pleasures together. The Melia Model - Modern Trend is laid out in such a way that the room remains welcoming and warm, bringing an immediate feeling of well-being. With its open design, this kitchen allows everyone to feel included. The layout does not permit a central island, but it adopts a hybrid solution with a semi-island. This configuration creates an alternative area which can prove really useful, whether for preparing meals or catering for unexpected guests. The colours chosen (grey, black and wood) are both soothing and modern. The dimensional interplay between the different units underscores the modernity of this interior while also avoiding an overly linear look which could appear cold.

Lastly, even the tiling in this room has its own decorative touch. Employing an irregular mix of hexagonal and parquet tiles produces a highly contemporary style which allows the two floors to blend into one another, creating a less rigid sense of separation. The result is a more welcoming kitchen, at the heart of family life!


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