Melia Model - Pure Trend
Kitchen Melia Model - Pure Trend Polar white matt varnished with island VP


The total look of this white kitchen, within its subtle blend of matt and gloss​, is punctuated by touches of brass and tamaris pink for a chic, decorative feel.
Its sleek aesthetic, with handleless units and an optimised floor-to-ceiling fit-out, is seen from both the kitchen and living-room sides. This is a trend which combines style and functionality. Its large linear fit-out and central island also offer vast storage capacity with immediate accessibility.

Melia fronts, blanco polar white matt and gloss varnished, brass handleless profiles. Luxe Futura White Kandia laminated worktop.
Made-to-measure living-room units, Melia fronts, blanco polar white matt and gloss varnished, Soline brass handles.

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We love this blue kitchen with island Visual 01

"We love this blue kitchen with island"

The customers live with their 2 children in a beautiful apartment. They wanted to completely redesign their kitchen. They also wanted to make their bathroom more cosy and set up a dressing room in the adjoining room.

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A white kitchen with the Melia Model -

White revisited in a chic and decorative version.


A new dimension
In architecture and design, the blueprint is a drawing which allows you to project your vision in three dimensions. Things which seemed rather flat now gain depth and detail. The Melia Model - Pure Trend does the same for the white kitchen. Although monochrome from floor to ceiling, this kitchen has a few tricks up its sleeve.


The Melia Model - Pure Trend is a white kitchen for a new era. Its I-shaped layout with a central island, as presented here, is perfect for the available surface area in this house. This kitchen, opening onto a large room, offers ample storage space thanks to the set of units occupying the rear wall from floor to ceiling. The central island houses the cooking area as well as very tall deep drawers for optimal storage. The Melia Model - Pure Trend units are clad in white fronts, alternating between a matt and gloss finish for added sophistication. As for the worktop, a Kandia white Luxe laminate was chosen, reminiscent of marble veining. This highly equipped kitchen incorporates all standard household appliances, including a combined fridge and multi-function oven, giving them a low profile to maintain overall purity.


Carefully managed colours
Forget all your preconceptions about using white in the kitchen: this room departs from convention in stunning style. While white kitchens are often seen as too cold or boring, the Melia Model - Pure Trend revisits this colour and creates a sophisticated environment while maintaining all the purity of white. This difficult feat is achieved thanks to new ideas about how to combine decor, materials and colours. For this project, we start by using subtly different whites: the doors and the wall panel behind the washing area have a gloss finish, while the tall units and central island are matt. This combination of bright gloss and elegant matt finishes plays with our perceptions of dimension, preventing any monotony of appearance. Lastly, the delicacy of the worktop, reminiscent of white marble, completes this monochrome setting.


While white has a special place in the Melia Model - Pure Trend design, subtle touches of colour are scattered here and there to add the necessary depth. White is often combined with wood or black, for obvious reasons, but for the Melia Model - Pure Trend a bolder choice of colours has been made. The golden sheen of the brass-finish profiles is the first thing you notice. Like a guiding thread across all the kitchen units, this material shines and illuminates, bringing a chic designer note to the sobriety of the room. Similarly, the tamarisk pink on the open shelves breathes life into the overall design, but always with a delicate touch. This on-trend powder pink is used sparingly, employing just the right amount for a distinct sense of style while allowing white to predominate.


Everything in its place

At first glance, the Melia Model - Pure Trend seems to enjoy a very traditional fit-out. It is only on closer inspection that we realise just how much storage space it actually offers. The splashback in this kitchen, for example, includes a wonderful idea for organising your kitchen. Behind the sink, the pull-out panels conceal a storage space running all along the splashback. This system can be moved as required, ensuring easy access to all utensils needed for food preparation and kitchen upkeep. Thanks to this optimised splashback, the design aspect of the kitchen is preserved. The tall units, close to the ceiling, are made more accessible thanks to systems such as lifting doors. Interior fittings are also present at all levels to facilitate organisation. The large deep drawer located under the sink can accommodate several bin compartments for efficient sorting. On the central island side, there are multiple storage units of different heights for hassle-free organisation of tableware and utensils.


Come and discover the chic and modern Melia Model - Pure Trend, as well as the other fitted kitchen models in our showrooms.