Niobe Model - Scenario Trend
Kitchen Niobe Model - Scenario Trend Stainless steel decor with U-shaped layout VP


The chic and masculine atmosphere of this kitchen combines the professional look of stainless steel with softer dark green Fenix materials. The space alternates between enclosed and open-plan elements with the use of glass workshop partitions mounted on a set of custom living-room units.

Niobe fronts, laminated stainless steel decor, Muse anthracite matt handles.
Luxe Fenix® verde Comodoro worktop.
Made-to-measure units, cement light structured and graphite matt varnished.

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We love this blue kitchen with island Visual 01

"We love this blue kitchen with island"

The customers live with their 2 children in a beautiful apartment. They wanted to completely redesign their kitchen. They also wanted to make their bathroom more cosy and set up a dressing room in the adjoining room.

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A long kitchen with the Niobe Model - Scenario Trend

Optimise space with an original layout.


A carefully considered composition

The Niobe Model - Scenario Trend kitchen has been created from scratch in this large space. By making use of a corner, the aim was to design a real kitchen which would not encroach on the wonderful space of the location. Instead of a central island, an original solution was adopted for this house: a long kitchen employing a semi-open effect to preserve the primary space while also including equipment worthy of a top chef.


How should a long kitchen be laid out?

Creating a long kitchen can at first appear to be a constraint, but provided potential pitfalls such as the ‘corridor effect’ are avoided, it can become a unique and uplifting room in the house. To ensure the best long kitchen fit-out, you first need to play with perspective. Here, the Niobe Model - Scenario Trend uses Steeltrend metal shelves to create volume at height without encumbering the room as a whole. The linear layout therefore remains airy thanks to the discreet presence of well-chosen tall units. Colours also have a role to play when fitting out a long kitchen. In the case of the Niobe Model - Scenario Trend, an area in the room is demarcated next to the linear fit-out by means of a green modular panel on the wall. This touch of colour creates a necessary disruption, not only preventing monotony but actually enlivening the whole design. All these tips taken together will avoid the corridor effect and transform the kitchen into a pleasant and functional room.


A glass wall panel to redefine the space

An interior glass panel always works wonders. Inspired by artists’ studios, these glazed partitions can be used to section off areas of the house while still allowing light to circulate. This explains why this type of installation is often chosen when it comes to creating a new room without a window. It also prevents anyone working in the kitchen from feeling isolated from family life due to the presence of a wall, meaning that they can still participate in what’s happening, even without a central island. In the case of the long kitchen, this solution works well because a feeling of space is obtained in the room while keeping storage areas at a lower level. On the living-room side, installing a glass partition reduces some of the inconveniences of meal preparation. A series of storage units further accentuates the sense of separation. These can also by used to hold all the tableware, as well as a few decorative objects in the open shelving. This means no space is lost! And another advantage of the interior glass panel is that it represents a very strong decorative trend that shows no sign of slowing down.


Stainless steel: the professional choice

The Niobe Model - Scenario Trend kitchen showcases stainless steel by including it on the doors. And this material was not chosen at random. Making a direct reference to professional kitchens, the steel-look laminated fronts are highly resistant and easy to maintain. Unlike real stainless steel, they will not leave problematic fingerprints. To accompany these doors, matt anthracite Muse handles reinforce the professional look. The worktop has a wonderful surface area for real comfort during food preparation. Directly above, a modular panel can be used to accessorise the splashback and have all your favourite utensils at hand. Lastly, this kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances including a wine cabinet and a frameless hob.


Designed to make life easier

The special conditions of a kitchen opening onto another room certainly require a few concessions, but the fit-out proposed by the Niobe Model - Scenario Trend proves that it is entirely possible to optimise space and create a well-organised kitchen. This solution also includes several elements specific to Mobalpa. The wall unit with open shelf which showcases the decor, and the dual-function unit which adapts to storage requirements (e.g. chopping boards or bottles). Other interior fittings provide further options for an even tidier kitchen. In the deep drawers, the Woodtrend compartments are stackable for optimal interior organisation. The corner shelf allows you make use of nooks and crannies, and the shutter unit conceals small appliances while keeping them within reach for easier access on the worktop.


Come and discover the Niobe Model - Scenario Trend long kitchen, as well as the other fitted kitchen models in our showrooms.