White kitchen with wood worktop Mobalpa

“A designer space where I feel good about cooking and working”

Veronica wanted a spacious, functional and elegant kitchen. She imagined this living room in white for an aesthetic feel, with touches of wood and stainless steel to give it more character.

A very contemporary interior design

Visual 01 mobalpa white kitchen without handles
Visual 02 mobalpa white kitchen without handles

With style and a refined and tastefully selected decoration. Veronica wanted a change for her interior. The choice of white gloss varnished fronts was an obvious one.

And the result is straight lines and refined handleless profiles in stainless steel. Also note the elegance of the white gloss quartz worktops and their low-rise wall panel.

Decoration advice: combine white and wood for a natural and modern touch

A streamlined kitchen

Visual 01 A kitchen with a pure style
Everything has been designed to cook in a peaceful room where it is easy to work.

The choice of white wall paint brings the kitchen and living room together. This visual continuity promotes relaxation. White, combined with oak wood, creates a cosy atmosphere - inviting you to spend more time at home.

Visual 01 Mobalpa The designer's opinion
Visual 02 The designer's opinion
Visual 03 The designer's opinion

The first step in this design project was to open up the kitchen in order to extend the living room and let the light through. The island takes centre stage in the room, with a stainless steel hob and sink. This is essential for this U-shaped configuration. The Aravis white gloss fronts adds the refined style Veronica wanted. To echo the wooden flooring, the counter is made of natural oak.

Space for functional storage

This U-shaped design with central island also optimises storage space. Under the island worktop there are cupboards, drawers with internal compartments and large deep drawers. Tall, wall and base units complete the layout with appliances.

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White kitchen with wood worktop 

Let's meet in Veronica's house in Spain. She shows us her new white and wood design kitchen, with a resolutely modern decor. Among her expectations: to enlarge her living room, to give it an elegant style, with a tastefully chosen decoration and furniture. She dreamed of a central island with a work surface for cooking, eating, receiving friends and teleworking. But also of a fully fitted white kitchen, in a white interior space, with wood details.


A minimalist and contemporary design

For her kitchen, Veronica wanted to completely redesign the interior. She wanted a space that would allow her to prepare her meals in a quiet, work-friendly room. The designer suggested opening up the kitchen for more light. The kitchen is an extension of the white living room, with its sleek decor and furniture. The white paint on the walls unifies the two environments. A visual continuity that Veronica liked right away.

The glossy white varnish was the perfect choice for the Mélia facades: a favorite of the Mobalpa store in Santander. The style of the furniture, with its straight lines, is underlined by the refinement of the stainless steel profiles without handles. A very resistant stainless steel that gives a great durability to the furniture.

The worktop is in white quartz gloss, with a white credenza low height. In addition to its modern style, white is a color that reinforces the visual amplitude of the space. And to contrast with the clean design of the room, the worktop dedicated to meals is in natural oak color. It contrasts with the white, while echoing the wooden floor. A warm note contributing to the cozy interior of this house.


Very functional storage furniture

For this white and wood kitchen, a U-shaped layout was proposed. Integrated into the living room, the room opens onto the rest of the house. On the furniture side, the cabinets contain a lot of storage space. Wall and base units complete the layout. This kitchen design with an island allows for maximum use of the space. The stainless steel cooktop and sink are integrated into the central island. Underneath the light and airy wood countertop and white countertop are several storage options, alternating cabinets, drawers and large pullouts. In the drawers, interior storage units make it easy to organize utensils. 3 bar chairs complete the furniture.


White kitchen:

- Melia white color fronts, glossy varnished melamine

- stainless steel profiles without handles

- white glossy quartz worktop

- natural oak laminated wood worktop


Mobalpa's support

When you go to a Mobalpa store to choose your kitchen, you also meet designers who are experts in the layout of your space. Their mission? To advise you on how to optimize the personalization of your interior, to draw the plans of your future kitchen, to find your style and color among a vast choice of kitchens. You will also discover in store the different materials available to choose your worktop and credenza.

How to transform small kitchens into modern and functional kitchens? This is the challenge of the Mobalpa designers, specialists in contemporary kitchens. Do you want a spacious, decorative and modern white kitchen? Find us in your nearest store.

Finally, if you also want to create a kitchen space in your home, note that the white color associated with wood is one of the decorating trends of 2021.