mobalpa reportage kitchen black mat

"An open living space for cooking and hosting"

This luxurious home needed a functional and chic kitchen. It should be an open-plan space opening onto the living room and dining room, with a large table for family meals. The customers wanted to combine space, aesthetics and practicality.

A vast, elegant preparation area

An elegant and spacious preparation area Visual 01
An optimised layout, essential for cooking as a family.
An elegant and spacious preparation area Visual 02

The couple made a bold aesthetic choice - the colour black. Matt varnish was used on the unit fronts, right up to the long worktop occupying the entire width of the room. All of this was emphasised by the blue grey colour of the walls.

The storage units

mobalpa Numerous storage spaces in addition to the pantry
Numerous storage solutions in addition to the larder
mobalpa sink worktop mat
mobalpa sliding drawer with dividers

You can hide things that shouldn’t be seen by installing numerous cupboards. Another option is a tall unit block with internal drawers. It adds class to the kitchen, but above all, it is handy for storing groceries. Just like the large drawers with stainless steel finish handles. The little detail that makes all the difference on a daily basis is the waste bin integrated next to the sink and the dishwasher.

The designer's opinion Visual 01
The designer's opinion Visual 02
The designer's opinion Visual 03

What was the concept of this family kitchen? A large wooden worktop forming a central island. The idea was to combine it with a cooking unit, including the fitting of a suspended hood. It is as black as the units, to add an airy and stylish touch.

The result is a custom and subtle design, true to what the customers loved in the showroom.

What are the stand-out features of the designer’s layout?

The harmonious combination of materials, the optimisation of space, and the practicality of the layouts. It is ideal for cooking with the family, doing homework and getting together around the big table in the central island.

A made-to-measure office under the stairs

A custom-made desk under the stairs Visual 01
Designing an office for two
A custom-made desk under the stairs Visual 02

The office is perfectly integrated into the dining room and offers a large work area. Closed cupboards are used to store files and decorative open shelf units punctuate the entire space.

Two bathrooms, two different trends

Two bathrooms, two atmospheres Visual 01
Bathrooms perfectly suited for a large family
Two bathrooms, two atmospheres Visual 02

For the creation of their two bathrooms, the customers wanted to create two beautiful practical and elegant spaces. One is warm with a wooden worktop. The other is more stylish, in black and white.

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The couple and their children's matte black kitchen with island

"The central place of the house, we wanted a large open living space, to circulate without getting in the way, to cook all together and to receive friends.

Unique like you.

The couple's desires.


If there are meetings that inspire us, this is one of them.

Originally from the city of gastronomy, the customers settled with their three children. Faithful to his parents' origins, the youngest son of 11 years, does not hesitate to get into the kitchen as soon as he has an hour to spare.

So for this epicurean home, a large, functional and chic kitchen, open to the living room and the dining room, was the first requirement. Another important criterion was a large table for the five of them to have meals together, to receive their friends, or to work.

In three words, it was a matter of combining: space, aesthetics and practicality.


The kitchen designer's opinion

To imagine this family kitchen, the Mobalpa designer, first of all designed a large wooden worktop (natural ash color) forming a central island. The idea that seduced the couple was to combine it with a matte black cooking unit. Not to mention the installation of a suspended hood, in the same tones, to add a design and airy touch to their new kitchen with island. The result is a custom-made, subtle layout that perfectly matches the couple's love affair with the black and matte kitchen in our showroom.


An elegant and vast preparation space

By opting for black furniture and appliances, the couple's aesthetic bias is reinforced, even in the blue-gray color of the walls. The long, black Ingo Fenix worktop blends in with the matt black Melia fronts across the entire width of the room. An optimized preparation space that is essential for family cooking.


On the storage side

A cabinet block with English-style drawers adds cachet to this kitchen with dining area. Also very practical for storing groceries, as are the large drawers with integrated Soline stainless steel handles. The little detail that makes the difference in everyday life? A wastebasket has been integrated right next to the sink and dishwasher. And to store everything you don't want to see, numerous cupboards have been provided, in addition to the pantry.

What do we remember about the designer's layout? The harmonious combination of materials, the optimization of space and the practicality of the layouts; but also the custom design of an office, perfectly integrated into the dining room, under the staircase. A space created with a large work area for two, closed cupboards for storing files, and decorative open niches that give rhythm to the whole.

Satisfied with her kitchen, the customer also entrusted Mobalpa with the creation of her bathrooms. Two beautiful spaces, all in elegance and practicality, perfectly adapted for a large family.