mobalpa a full length kitchen with central island

"Opt for a modern aesthetic with storage"

The customers take a chance on their new apartment. They wanted to design a 93 m2 area without any partitions. The couple dreamed of creating a large harmonious living space - their new family nest.

Modernity and functionality through linear design

mobalpa A pure style for an airy space
Sleek style to create an airy space
mobalpa A pure style for an airy space

In this kitchen, the wall panel houses the cooking area and sink, on top of discreet black matt varnished furniture. At the bottom, large white sliding drawers facilitate storage. The lines are clean. Only a touch of oak-coloured wood warms the worktop.

The opinion of the designer:

The opinion of the designer Visual 01
The opinion of the designer Visual 02

What is the advantage of renovating an apartment? You can adapt spaces in line with the technical drawings. The bedroom partition has been moved. The kitchen was then able to “merge together” with the living space.

The secret to the success of this kitchen? Making a very functional large larder/laundry room (containing the oven and fridge). Continuing on from this, there is a cupboard by the entrance and open shelf units on the lounge side.

Choosing the right worktop

mobalpa white kitchen
The elegance and strength of white quartz
mobalpa white kitchen thin worktop
mobalpa white kitchen all in length

Why choose a worktop in glossy white quartz? Because it is a noble material, simple and strong. Here it is 12 mm thick. What about the length exceeding 3 meters? The practical and decorative idea was to extend it with a wood-coloured laminate.

How about storage space on the lounge side?

Under the central island, the units are handleless to keep them looking sleek. The black and white push-button doors echo the kitchen, like the living room furniture. Custom storage units are full height. This adds simplicity and elegance to the entrance.

Minimalist lines right through to the bathroom

mobalpa reportage salle de bainsblanche
The bathroom accessories come in an ultra-chic black
mobalpa reportage white bathroom

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A long kitchen with a central island

Give priority to a modern aesthetic, in the extension of the living room, while favoring storage! 

The couple's wishes.


When the customer moved into their new apartment with their 1-year-old son, they had to put aside their dreams of distant travel for a while.


But they will enjoy skiing, hiking and the lake... without forgetting a few weekends of do-it-yourself work to completely renovate their new family cocoon.

How to fit out a 93 m2 surface, without any partition, while creating a large harmonious living space?


A very specific problem entrusted to the Mobalpa designer.

The opinion of the kitchen designer

As the apartment was being renovated, it was possible to adapt the surface area of the kitchen to the proposed technical plans. Thus, the partition of the room could be made to measure, facilitating the mission of our designer so that the kitchen "becomes one" with the living space of the apartment.


The secret of this kitchen?

The creation of a large, very functional pantry/laundry room (containing the oven and fridge), extended by a cupboard on the entrance side and niches on the living room side.

Modernity and functionality of the large shelves

For this lengthwise kitchen, the cooking area and the sink have been placed on the wall, with black matte varnish high cabinets hiding the hood. Large white matte varnish pull-outs facilitate storage.

Although the customers wanted a black kitchen, our designer also suggested that they add white to reinforce the clean lines, and then warm it up with a touch of Burgundy oak.


Choosing the right worktop

For this project, the couple opted for a 12 mm thick glossy white quartz, very sober but above all very resistant. Ideal for a large island in a kitchen with a dining area. And for a work surface over 3 meters long, the practical and decorative idea was to extend it with a wood-colored laminate, to make a much appreciated coffee machine space, especially in the morning before leaving for the office.


What storage space on the living room side?

Under the central island, the watchword was to keep the living room's sleek look. So furniture without handles, to make you forget the kitchen, and touchless doors with black and white fronts were made to match the whole. Not to mention the reminder of Burgundy oak found in the niches and doors.


The icing on the cake?

Custom-made storage cabinets facing the entrance of the apartment, with very elegant and sober full-height doors. And the addition of living room furniture in the same colors, for a kitchen that blends perfectly with the rest of the living room... and vice versa.