Mobalpa We love this blue kitchen with island

"We love this blue kitchen with island"

The customers live with their 2 children in a beautiful apartment. They wanted to completely redesign their kitchen. They also wanted to make their bathroom more cosy and set up a dressing room in the adjoining room.

An elegant and stylish atmosphere

An elegant and stylish atmosphere Visual 01
An elegant and stylish atmosphere Visual 02

Their wish list included a sleek blue kitchen, with a central island for time with family and friends. They wanted a stylish, practical kitchen with plenty of storage space. The Signature model chosen is further showcased by the Art Deco style glass roof. This separation opens onto the dining room in wood and white tones.

Decoration advice: an arch kitchen to create a cosy space.

Made-to-measure layout

A custom-made layout Visual 01
black matt lacquered handleless profiles
A custom-made layout Visual 02

This kitchen’s refined finishes emphasise the elegance of the materials. The 2 side columns form an arch above 3 wall units. This design offers all the storage space a family needs every day.

The designer’s opinion:

The designer’s opinion
The designer’s opinion

The couple wanted a central island. But it still had to be given real functionality. There is a washing area, preparation area, bar and sideboard, which facilitates circulation and adds a friendly touch. We optimised the space by choosing a large sink and a small drip tray with removable draining rack.

A velvet trend bathroom

A velvet trend bathroom
Tamaris pink matt unit, copper-coated brass handles and marbled quartz worktop

A made-to-measure full-height dressing room

A made-to-measure full-height dressing room Visual 01
A made-to-measure full-height dressing room Visual 02

In the bedroom, the large dressing room echoes the tamaris pink of the bathroom. Same colour and same brass handles. Its 3 mirror doors enlarge the room, while emphasising the beautiful ceiling height.

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We love this blue kitchen with island

It is in an apartment with character, with old wooden floors that we meet the customers. The couple wanted to rethink the layout of their kitchen. But also change the design of the bathroom and have more storage in the bedroom. Their expectations: a decorative and modern kitchen. With a central island to have meals or a drink after work. A practical daily living space with their two children, and a design that contrasts with that of more traditional kitchens.


An elegant and stylish atmosphere

For the kitchen, the customer fell in love with the Fenix deep blue monochrome finish. It was the Signature model discovered on social networks. In the midst of a vast choice of kitchens, including those seen in stores, this kitchen with a central island for meals caught her attention. She wanted to dare color, other than the ultra modern white and wood of designer kitchens.

This kitchen model with a handleless center island is very modern. The Luxe Line finish of the furniture, with black matte lacquered grooves, gives it an elegant style. Perfectly in harmony with the art deco style glass roof that opens onto the adjoining room.

With its blue Fenix laminate worktop, its central island and its wine cellar, the layout of the room has been particularly well thought out. The kitchen plan is arched. Two columns of wall units are built into a frame. A layout that offers plenty of storage space, especially for groceries. In the middle, 3 tall units with integrated hood. An original layout for very cocooning kitchens.


A central island with worktop

Among the kitchens presented in the store, this Signature model also seduces with its island layout and its numerous storage spaces. Opting for a central island with a washing area makes it possible to optimize the worktop area on the cooking side. In kitchens of this size, a central island can have several functions. It can be a preparation area, a dining area, a serving area or even a cooking area. Here, the kitchen layout allowed the sink and dishwasher to be integrated into the central island. A sink with a large bowl and a small drainer with a grid to optimize space.

This small island facilitates circulation and brings a touch of conviviality to the room.

The floor is in white herringbone tiles, contrasting with the wood color of the dining room floor. Just like the white of the credenza with a terracotta effect. A modern touch that also recalls the old family kitchens.

For the appliances, the couple wanted to mix modern and vintage design with a black cooktop, oven and microwave with retro buttons. A 50's style for personalized kitchens, which is also found in the small appliances to the left of the induction cooktop.


A bathroom with a velvet atmosphere

In this small room adjoining the master bedroom, the bathroom is inspired by the model presented in the store. In contrast to the wooden floor, the vanity units are made of matte tamarisk pink melamine. The handles are in copper-plated brass like the mixer tap. And the worktop is made of black marble-effect quartz.


A made-to-measure full-height dressing room

With such a high ceiling, the customer wanted to optimize the storage space in the room. She did not want any furniture in the room. So the dressing room option was quickly chosen. In the same Kiffa tamarisk pink model, with brass handles, this large dressing room can store all the couple's clothes. It also enlarges the room, with its 3 mirrored doors where the wooden floor is reflected.