Data privacy charter

How is personal data collected?

Personal data that concerns you is collected via our online forms on our websites (Contact Us, Catalogue, Book an Appointment sections), or if you contact Mobalpa by phone.

Your personal data may also be collected, if necessary, when you visit one of our stores, if you request further contact from us.

What data is collected?

When you use our online forms, when you contact Mobalpa by phone or when you come in to a store, we are likely, depending on the medium used, to collect, handle and process the following data:

  • First name and surname
  • Email address
  • Postal address
  • Telephone number
  • Data relating to specific requests that you may make to us
  • Your opinion on Mobalpa products and services

What is the purpose of collecting this data?

The data collected is mainly used to respond to your requests for information and, with your prior approval, to inform you of offers and benefits from Mobalpa and its partners via email, SMS or telephone.

Your details will also be used to manage our commercial relationship with you to fulfil our sales contract, and to provide you with customer services, as well as, where necessary, to obtain your opinion on our products and services via customer satisfaction surveys.

Personal data collected in the context of access and use of our website is subject to:

  • Computerised processing under the responsibility of the Fournier S.A. as Site Publisher, for the purposes of online services management and improvements, particularly through the study of your use of the website and the preparation of statistics,
  • Computerised processing for our commercial prospecting operations, in accordance with applicable law, [or the management of our “no contact” list if you have opted out of commercial prospecting,]
  • Use by our distributors (franchises and branches) for the purposes of managing online requests and commercial prospecting.

Your personal data may also be processed in accordance with our legitimate interests for the following purposes:

  • compliance with our legal and regulatory obligations ;
  • prevention and detection of fraud, and management of security incidents;
  • management of potential disputes.

What are your rights regarding your data?

You have the following rights:

  • access your personal information and to be informed about its use by us and our franchisees;
  • correct your personal information;
  • have your personal information deleted;
  • restrict the use of your personal information;
  • object to the use of your personal information;
  • complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office;
  • withdraw your consent to the use of your personal information;
  • ask for the personal information to be transferred.


Accessing your information

The accuracy of your information is important. If the personal information you have provided to us changes, if you change email address, or any of the other information we hold, please email us at or by writing to Fournier S.A., Personal Data, CS 10003, 74230 Thônes, France.

How long is your personal data kept?

Your personal data will only be kept for as long as is required to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected.


Fulfilment of your sales contract

Conservation duration

For the period required to ensure the sale and delivery of products ordered, and to honour our after-sales services commitments and all guarantees associated with the products bought, as well as any potential returns, complaints or claims related to the latter. 


Customer service

Conservation duration

For the period required to answer your enquiries or requests.



Conservation duration

For a 3-year period following your last interaction with us, or until you unsubscribe or cancel your subscription to our newsletter.

Irrespective of the periods strictly necessary to fulfil the purposes indicated above, your personal data will be kept, appropriately stored and protected with restricted access. Your personal data will be deleted once all potential actions have taken place.

It is hereby specified that personal data may be  stored (by us or third parties) to enable us to satisfy our legal, tax and accounting obligations, such as, for example, the obligation to retain invoices.

How to exercise your rights on personal data?

To exercise your rights, you may address your request :

To ensure your request is managed as efficiently as possible, don’t forget:

  • to indicate the process(es) relating to your request
  • to indicate the right(s) that you wish to exercise
  • to send us a copy of documentation proving your identity (to enable us to verify that the author of the request is indeed the person concerned by the data handling in question).

Moreover, if you do not wish to be subjected to commercial prospecting via telephone, you can sign up to the telephone solicitation opposition list at the following address:


Do we transfer your personal data?

The only recipients of your personal data are our in-house departments and our distributor companies (franchises or branches), as well as our partner service providers authorised to handle your data.

We collaborate with a certain number of service providers in order to implement and operate our business over the internet. These service providers provide hosting and programming services, marketing services, advertising networks and telephone assistance networks. We transfer your data to other recipients only when necessary for the fulfilment of your contract, in particular to transporters or installation specialists charged with carrying out delivery and installation services. The list of the various recipients of your personal data is available upon request from:

We require our service providers to use your personal data for the sole purpose of managing the services that we have requested them to provide. We also require these service providers to act in compliance with all applicable laws relating to personal data protection, and to pay particular attention to the confidentiality, integrity and security of this data at all times. Each personal data transfer is, as such, governed by contractual provisions. .

Your personal data will never be sold, shared, communicated or transferred in any form whatsoever to an unidentified third party for their own purposes, particularly commercial or marketing purposes, without your express consent.

How do we store the data we collect?

Mobalpa carries out all processing of your personal data with the [United Kingdom and the] European Union (EU).

However, for certain special services, Mobalpa may call upon subcontractors established outside the EU. Some personal data may, therefore, be communicated to them strictly for the purposes of their work for us. In this event, Mobalpa will take all the necessary measures to maintain a sufficient level of security and of confidentiality from the transfer of data through to its receipt. All those with access to the data collected must fulfil the same obligations as Mobalpa in terms of personal data protection.

Why do we use cookies?


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Do we share content with social media platforms?

When you share the content of our website, we transfer only the information necessary for the sharing of your chosen content with the social media platform in question. We do not transfer any data of a personal nature in this context.

If you suspect the malevolent or fraudulent use of your data, what should you do?

If you suspect the malevolent use of your personal data or if you receive an email from Mobalpa that appears to be fraudulent, please notify us quickly by writing to the following address: