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Consume more conscientiously

In the era of "slow consumption", it is important to review certain daily practices and adopt new habits. Buying local, favouring bulk or keeping only the necessary in your cupboards, is already consuming better! Mobalpa helps us to introduce the right gestures in the kitchen by equipping ourselves accordingly!

Buy local

The vegetable container is an interesting alternative to the refrigerator in the kitchen. It will allow an easy storage, bring a protection against cold and light, and keep nutrients longer. It is the perfect piece of furniture proposed by Mobalpa to avoid waste and therefore overconsumption!

Favouring bulk

There's nothing like the pantry to store legumes, dried pasta, cereals and other canned goods and jars! A bit retro, it reinvents the kitchen at Mobalpa with a lot of modernity and perfectly compartmentalized storage for better organization.

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Clearing the decks

Once the sorting has been done and plastic containers have been replaced by glass or storage bags by reusable cloth packaging, all that's left to do is to compartmentalize in the "Marie Kondo" way! The wooden boxes or drawer dividers from the Mobalpa Woodtrend range are perfect for this; they make kitchen storage easier and encourage you to buy only what you need.

Sort assiduously

In order to correctly sort your waste, Mobalpa offers many solutions with sorting garbage cans of different sizes and capacities allowing to create the ideal combination for each lifestyle. Not only do you save space in your kitchen, but you also sort with more pleasure and discretion!

Save water

Thanks to an ingenious system of mixing air and water, the mixing valve with water regulator proposed by Mobalpa divides by 2 the pressure flow. Not only do they avoid leaks and reduce consumption, but they also undoubtedly contribute to a lower bill!

And to save our planet's resources, all the lighting proposed by Mobalpa is now available in LED.