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New 2022 Collection, available in stores

New lifestyles mean new spaces! With this new 2022 collection, Mobalpa has placed your expectations at the heart of its creations, with interiors that have a strong personality and that combine comfort and ergonomics. Discover the rest in pictures!


Transforming this old workshop by imagining it as a blank canvas is the ambition of the COLOR LOFT Trend. The empty, monochrome surface gives way to an explosion of colours and well-identified spaces. This resolutely pictorial trend inspired by pop culture is sure not to leave you feeling indifferent! It has mastered the watercolour palette and the combination of materials. No compromise for this exceptional interior!



Style pop culture
Meuble bibliothèque bleu
Rangements hauteur sol plafond
Cuisine rose grise et bois

The COLOR LOFT Trend is daring and draws on colours to redefine a space. In the kitchen, the grey matt fronts and worktop perfectly match the grey woody decor on the tall unit. A touch of pastel pink runs up to the bay window, creating an overall softening effect! This same touch, visible in a gradation of the colour, makes the transition on the steps of the staircase. The entrance is fully furnished with made-to-measure red floor-to-ceiling units. The result is large storage spaces, perfect for the family. The TV unit is a sure favourite that takes the spotlight thanks to its mesmerising electric blue colour!


Creating a loft studio is a real challenge! Atypical spaces leave no choice but to go for smart, custom-made optimisation. STUDIO TECHNO exceeds all expectations by adding volume to this small 29 m2 space. Thanks to a subtle interplay of interlocking units and cleverly arranged colours, nothing is missing from this home! It even offers unique services for well-being and modernity.



Cuisine Monobloc Bleue
Douche XXL noire
Studio aménagement sur mesure
espace hybride salon chambre

All the design solutions in this avant-garde apartment have been created to serve multiple purposes. A storage arch creates the entrance and offers great storage space. The living room bookcase acts as a semi-open partition. The hybrid living room and bedroom area has modules that can be moved and transformed according to your wishes. Thanks to all these optimisations, the STUDIO TECHNO Trend has achieved the impossible! It includes equipment worthy of the greatest lofts. You can dream of having a spacious desk, an XXL shower and a wardrobe – even in a studio!

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This house with its natural roof was designed to blend into the landscape. In line with its construction that was intended to be the least invasive for its environment, the owners wanted a simple and natural interior style. The MINERAL HAVEN Trend meets these specifications brilliantly! It stands out through raw and authentic materials with a few touches of colour. In reality, behind this design simpli+C10city hide a multitude of cleverly concealed functions.



Meubles salon sur mesure
Bloc multifonctions vaisselier et bibliothèque
Espace cuisine avec cheminée
Bureau intégré dans meuble sur mesure

This space, with its authentic vibes, combines many different functions in the same place! An entrance with wardrobe, a desk, a kitchen, a dining area, a china cabinet and a bookcase all share the space. All these units are interlinked harmoniously by using the same materials and colours. The full floor-to-ceiling multi-functional block creates a subtle partition between the kitchen and the living room, while providing storage and customisation.


In this renovated country home, the owners chose to celebrate nature. The kitchen area is bathed in light thanks to a glass roof that gives it a greenhouse look. Starting with this idea, the Vegetal Trend has become a central theme for the WINTER GARDEN Trend. To bring nature into this kitchen, green and wood tones were preferred. Make way for modernity with trendy details such as Zellige tiles or terrazzo decor!



Meubles hauts et niches
Meuble sur mesure petit déjeuner
Cuisine bois en U
Espace repas dans cuisine ouverte

With the U-shaped layout of the WINTER GARDEN Trend, long live freedom! On the one hand, the living space remains open for enjoying time with others. On the other hand, there is plenty of storage space and a large worktop. The wall units are highlighted with LED strips. The open shelf units above are home to our favourite green plants. A dedicated breakfast corner has been custom-made to integrate small appliances. We love the tall unit block, which is offset forward to create a real sense of space!