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Thank you for visiting, it was really lovely to see you.  Here is my story:


My new kitchen was designed by Suraya at Mobalpa Warrington and how pleased I am with the finished space. I had some ideas of what I wanted and had received several quotes and designs from other suppliers however I was somehow disheartened by the lack of 'wow' factor. Just before I settled on an 'alright' kitchen I wandered into the Mobalpa showroom to have a look around. The rest is history. My kitchen space was measured and I was guided through the various options. The best thing was that I was listened to every step of the way in terms of cost, features, colours and specifications. My original budget was matched and although the final cost was more than this, that was my own fault for adding gorgeous extras like stools from Italy! Now that my kitchen is installed (pain-free and on schedule) and I have had the pleasure of using it every day I can vouch for the quality. Visitors can't believe the transformation. It is everything I asked for. If anybody is thinking about a new kitchen for their home I would highly recommend Mobalpa Warrington.


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