Materials and colours

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  • Fénix verde comodoro HPL
    Fenix verde comodoro
  • Materials and colours

    For a kitchen that lives up to your expectations, Mobalpa offers you to mix materials and colours in the simplest of ways.

    Your designer puts the small pots (of paint) in the large ones for a combination of colours and materials that personalise your customised kitchen according to the trends and your interior design desires!

    With Mobalpa, create a sensation and make you want to come back to it with a colourful kitchen worthy of magazine kitchens... decorated in the image of your interior.

  • Fénix rosso Jaipur HPL
    Fenix rosso Jaipur
  • A coloured kitchen or nothing


    Your choice of kitchen colour depends on the layout of the room and the location of your kitchen.

    Light colours will tend to make the room larger and bring light to a small kitchen.

    Dark colours will create a chic and modern look for a kitchen that opens onto the living room.

    Warm tones will be ideal to warm up the atmosphere, while pastel shades will bring softness and serenity to a sober and pure kitchen.

  • Fénix piombo doha HPL
    Fenix piombo doha
  • Dare to use colour!

    Colour is exploding in decoration. This trend reflects the positivism we want to find in our interiors. More daring shades are once again in the spotlight, with powdery pinks, deep purples, but also bright greens.

    Follow your desires and let yourself be guided through a vast choice of shapes, colours and materials to create the combination that suits you, an atmosphere that is bound to be unique.


  • Métal fénix oro cortez HPL
    Fenix oro cortez
  • The right colour for every kitchen style


    White, black, blue, pink, green, nude, yellow, red... For each kitchen trend there is a coloured kitchen!

    For an industrial style kitchen, you will opt for kitchen furniture with matt black fronts, a raw oak worktop and furniture with metal finishes. Punctuated with decorative objects in green, yellow or orange, your coloured kitchen will look great in your dining room.

    Neutral tones such as pink, beige, nude, light grey and green, combined with the warmth of a light wood worktop and credenza, will create a natural atmosphere that is both soothing and warm.

    A monochrome of white, black, grey or even matt green will make your kitchen the essential design room of the house.

    Warm and natural materials and colours such as wood, terracotta or mustard yellow will bring a Provencal and bohemian spirit to a closed kitchen.

    Finally, midnight blue and fir green, the trend colours of the last few years, will have no equal in highlighting a marble worktop and golden handles.

  • Fénix noir Ingo HPL
    Fenix black Ingo
  • What colour for an open kitchen?

    In a kitchen open to the living room, the kitchen colour should be chosen according to the style and size of the room.

    For a small open kitchen, our designers recommend choosing neutral colours for a nice continuity from one space to the other. Light colours and clean lines will indeed give the impression of enlarging the space.

    If the room is large, then it's a good idea to delineate the spaces with kitchen furniture and flooring that is different from the dining room furniture.

    For even more ideas, take a look at our range of coloured kitchens online or ask our designers in shop for advice.

  • Façade unie Fénix grigio Londra HPL
    Fenix grigio Londra
  • Fénix cacao Orinoco HPL
    Fenix cacao Orinoco
  • Fénix blu Fes HPL
    Fenix blu Fes
  • Fénix blanc Kos HPL
    Fenix white Kos
  • Fénix beige Arizona HPL
    Fenix beige Arizona
  • Métal Fénix argento dukat HPL
    Fenix argento Dukat
  • Métal Fénix acciaio Hamilton
    Fenix acciaio Hamilton
  • Métal décor Inox
    Stainless steel decor
  • Texture dark pulpis
    Dark pulpis
  • Texture curry verni mat
    Curry matt varnished
  • Texture curry verni brillant
    Curry gloss varnished
  • Laqué corail brillant
    Coral gloss lacquer
  • Texture ciment gris structuré
    Cement grey structured
  • Ciment clair structuré
    Cement light structured
  • Chêne synchrone
    Oak synchronous effect
  • Acier gris verni mat
    Grey steel matt varnished
  • Bois chêne Sierra clair structuré
    Light sierra oak structured
  • Chêne sérac synchrone
    Serac oak synchonous effect
  • Bois chêne naturel synchrone
    Natural oak synchronous effect
  • Chêne naturel blanchi synchrone
    Natural bleached oak synchronous effect
  • Chêne Héritage
    Heritage oak
  • Façade décor bois chêne de Bourgogne structuré
    Oak of Burgundy structured
  • Acier graphite verni mat
    Graphite steel matt varnished
  • Chêne
  • Texture cesar brown stone HPL
    Cesar brown stone

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